Common Space: Pay shower room (2/free of charge) , Washing machine (1/free of charge), Drier (1), Bicycle Storage, Bike Storage
           Male bath room (2), Female bath room (2)
           A shoe cupboard, Smoking area,
           A lounge (common PC, couch, table, clothes-drying space, a microwave, a toaster, a rice cooker, an electronic-pot, freezer)

   Each Room: Private mini kitchen, A refrigerator, An IH cooker, dishes, utensils,
           Air conditioner, An indoor lamp, Curtain, A bed,
           A wardrobe, A storage box, A low table, A desk, A chair, Wireless cable, Lockers with keys (only for friend room)


◇Standard room
   Private room (6 tatami units) +kitchen+closet/per person

Deposit Room Charge/month
for 1 person 20,000yen 39,000yen
for 2 people 10,000yen 24,500yen

◇A room for up to 3 people of the same sex to share (It is not a dormitory)
   Friend room (4.5 tatami units + 4.5 tatami units)+kitchen+closet/per person

Deposit Room Charge/month
for 1 person 20,000yen 49,000yen
for 2 people 10,000yen 29,500yen
for 3 people 10,000yen 26,000yen

*Each person should make a contract with the owner, when more than two people share a room.

*Beside from the room charge listed above, we ask you to pay common charge (7,000yen/month per room), and electricity charge (by reading an electricity meter of the room).

* Deposit will be collected at the time of a contract, and a part of deposit will be returned at leave. (Beside from deposit, 5,000yen needs to be paid as a restoration charge).
 If there are damaged or broken parts, you are responsible for paying the extra charge.

* Guest House Rainbow employs "Teiki Shakuya Keiyaku" (Regular Rent House Contract), so the contract will be min. 1month to max. 6 months.
 Of course, you can extend the contract for further stay.

* Smoking prohibited in the guest house, except for the smoking area near the entrance.

Pictures of the Guest House



Shoes Stocker at Entrance Hall

Kitchen & Storage

Private Room

Private Room

Private Room

Friend Room

Private Room

Pay Shower Room

Gentlemen's W.C.

Ladies' W.C.

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