Common Space:
Shower room (3/free of charge) , Washing room (2/free of charge), Drier (1), Bicycle Storage, Bike Storage
Male bath room (2), Female bath room (2), Common bath room(1)
Training room, Shoe cupboard, Smoking area
Lounge (common PC, couch, table, clothes-drying space, a microwave, a toaster, a rice cooker, an electronic-pot, freezer)

Each Room:
Private mini kitchen, A refrigerator, An IH cooker, dishes, utensils,
Air conditioner, An indoor lamp, Curtain, A bed,
A wardrobe, A storage box, A low table, A desk, A chair, Wireless cable, Lockers with keys (only for friend room)


◇Standard room
   Private room (6 tatami units) +kitchen+closet/per person

Deposit Room Charge/month
for 1 person 20,000yen 39,000yen
for 2 people 10,000yen 24,500yen

◇A room for up to 3 people to share with friends or family (It is not a dormitory)
   Friend room (4.5 tatami units + 4.5 tatami units)+kitchen+closet/per person

Deposit Room Charge/month
for 1 person 20,000yen 49,000yen
for 2 people 10,000yen 29,500yen
for 3 people 10,000yen 26,000yen

*Each person should make a contract with the owner, when more than two people share a room.

*Beside from the room charge listed above, we ask you to pay common charge (7,000yen/month per room), and electricity charge (by reading an electricity meter of the room).

* Deposit will be collected at the time of a contract, and a part of deposit will be returned at leave. (Beside from deposit, 5,000yen needs to be paid as a restoration charge).
 If there are damaged or broken parts, you are responsible for paying the extra charge.

* Guest House Rainbow employs "Teiki Shakuya Keiyaku" (Regular Rent House Contract), so the contract will be min. 1month to max. 6 months.
 Of course, you can extend the contract for further stay.

* Smoking prohibited in the guest house, except for the smoking area near the entrance.

Pictures of the Guest House



Training Room

Shoes Stocker at Entrance Hall

Private Room Plan

Kitchen & Storage

Private Room

Private Room

Private Room

Friend Room

Private Room

1F Laundry and Shower Room

2F Gentlemen's W.C.

2F Ladies' W.C.

1F W.C

Shower Room

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