You can visit and see the room beforehand.

Please contact us through e-mail or fax, for the enquiry of visiting, including the following clause.
-Age and gender
-Requested period of your stay (ex. 2012 April 15th - June 20th, or 3months etc.)
-The date of your visit to see the room beforehand. (Please describe to the third request.)
-You telephone and FAX number
-Your e-mail address with which we can contact
-Any questions you want to ask.

After receiving your request, we will reply you soon.

Please bear in mind the following terms in staying at our guest house:

*In contracting with us on your stay, we will ask you to submit the copy of your identification (passport, driving license, insurance card, etc.)

*Although you do not have to have a co-signer, we ask you to have at least two peope who we can contact, in the case of emergency.

*We may also ask your credit card information.

554-0021, 1-20-26,
Kasugade-kita, Konohana-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
TEL: 06-6461-4678, 090-5668-0057

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